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Shop Antique, Vintage & Estate Fine Jewelry. Please Contact Us to Set Up a Layaway. Follow Us on Instagram for the Latest Items.

Resizing - Vintage Jewelry Co.


We do offer sizing. Items come subject to the following sizing price list:

  • To size Up/Down 1.0 - 2.25 sizes: $35

  • To size Up/Down 2.5-3.75 sizes: $50

Depending on other factors (such as the width of the band), this price may be somewhat higher on certain rings.

Under each ring on our website you can select your desired size and the price will automatically calculate. 

Please note that we cannot accept returns on items sized and/or damaged by a third party.

In order to maintain structural integrity, vintage items are non-returnable after being sized. 

Unwanted Jewelry - Vintage Jewelry Co.

Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry

We buy diamonds, gold and other precious metals for a trade-in towards your new purchase. 

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Layaway Plans - Vintage Jewelry Co.

Layaway Plans

Payment plans are available for anywhere between 2 and 6 months, depending on each item. Each payment is due in 30 day increments.

Layaways are considered final sales and are not refundable. So please make sure you would like the item and are prepared to complete the purchase. Any payment plans that are canceled part way through are only refundable through a store credit, minus a 10% restocking fee.

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